Benefits of Cold Pressing

Masticating juicers are also known as slow juicers or cold-press juicers. These use an auger (picture a large corkscrew) to slowly ‘chew’ and crush the fruit and vegetables, and squeeze the results against a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp. It’s a slow process, operating at 40 to 100 rpm on average, but it produces a high quality of juice in terms of flavor and nutrition. 

Less foaming and oxidation occurs using this method and it produces roughly 30% higher yield than centrifugal juicers. These juicers generally take more time and effort to use and they’re more expensive too — for this reason they’re best serious juicers and those who don’t mind waiting. 

  • Works well on hard and soft fruit and vegetables, including leafy greens such as spinach or kale. 
  • As they’re slow to process, these juicers don’t heat up, so they better preserve nutrients including enzymes and antioxidants. 
  • Produces a higher quality of juice that’s thicker, less foamy and has a more intense flavor.  
  • Produces a higher juice yield, so you get more out of your fruit and vegetables.   
  • The juice produced will last longer. It can take a few days for the juice to deteriorate from a masticating juicer, so you can make a batch and store it in the fridge for later.

Introducing the Juice Club

February is here and, no doubt the New Year’s resolutions are in the rear view mirror. It may be funny for some, but there are so many people who are truly suffering from chronic health issues that those promises to “do something” can make a huge difference to their quality of life. We want to make it really easy to move further down the path toward good health without the pressure or often unrealistic restrictions of a full on change in habits.

The philosophy at the Moveable Feast is that it’s better to make little improvements than to go from feast to famine. That’s why we are offering an amazing alternative to the traditional Juice Fast that is specifically designed to improve health while continuing to deal with the busyness of day to day life.

You can join the Juice Club for a small fee of five dollars a month which allows you to take advantage of our weekly cold-processed juicing options. Some people want to incorporate fresh juices into their lives on a daily basis, some need specific formulations for stomach, joint or skin support. As a licensed Esthetician, Joani Thompson has been recommending juice as a possible method of improving overall health, particularly skin conditions that are difficult to treat via topical solutions or pharmaceuticals, for decades. While not being touted as a cure and not right for everyone, incorporating fresh cold-pressed juices into your life can have amazing results. After all, skin is our largest organ and it’s indicating what’s going on inside our bodies as toxins are released through the epidermis. Sometimes the simplest changes can make the most profound difference in our health.

There are many rules when it comes to operating a licensed food trailer, including where menu items are sourced. This severely limits the options that we want to provide on a day to day basic, such as locally sourced products. That’s a very long and tangential discussion, but we do provide the most nutritious food with the freshest ingredients possible at the Moveable Feast, making a quick stop for lunch or dinner for the family the best it can be in a fast-paced world. Our goals are to provide healthy, satisfying food at a price that average folks can afford. There are huge challenges when prices are increasing, so our solution is to keep overhead to a minimum while sourcing the best ingredients possible.

So with all that said, our model of a Juice Club allows us to prepare fresh, cold-pressed juices in our licensed kitchen for distribution on a weekly basis to our members. We’ll let members know what’s available and the health benefits of each recipe so that they can decide how much juice they are going to need in the following days to meet their health goals. This means that you’re getting the freshest juices at the best prices possible as we plan ahead for each members’ needs.

To become a member, simply follow this link and you will receive information about the juices that are available each week as well as helpful information on how to do short or longer term juice fasts as well as other related information that might help you overcome chronic health issues. Follow the simple instructions for putting in your order and we will have your juice ready for you to enjoy. We also have delivery options if you’re not able to pick up your order.

We’re so excited about seeing the results in the lives of our fellow community members. Joani is beginning February with a Juice Fast that is not as restrictive as you might think. We need to function- operating a food trailer is not a job for slouches- so there are ways of incorporating juice into a busy life, getting the benefits without having to give up anything. Our theory is that when you begin to cleanse your body and feel better, you will naturally want to leave certain things out of your diet. Let’s see if that’s true!

Snow Again

Thanks for checking in on the website for updates! We checked out the parking lot at the Hope Centre and have concerns about customer safety when picking up orders. The other concern is that it’s still snowing and, at the time of writing this, -3 degees Celsius and Pearl is not equipped to deal with icy conditions.

We’ve set up the stand for pickup at the Studio- 480 Berry Point Rd. If you place your order on line using the “Menu” menu above you can choose a pick up time and we’ll have things ready for you.

Merry Christmas to All

Thank you to everyone that allowed us to prepare their Christmas meal. We’ve gotten some very positive feedback and it’s great to know that we were able to give some cooks a day off this year as they contended with weather on the island and across the country. Peoples’ flights were delayed and sometimes cancelled due to the weather and some loved ones are still struggling to find their way home after being stranded for more than a week, separated from family and friends over Christmas.

We have had some obstacles of our own to being able to serve folks at the Hope Centre. Pearl, our delivery RV, just doesn’t do well on slippery roads and she’s definitely not interested in “off roading”. Even with the proper tires, some weather is just too tricky to navigate and it would be quite an undertaking to get her back on the road- and to get the food situation sorted out again after a tumble. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Out of challenging circumstances come some of the best solutions, however, and we really learned that deliveries are possible in all weather by having you use our online ordering system. We’re honing things at the moment and will be making some big announcements for the New Year.

We have been designing a menu for weekly deliveries- full, hot meals delivered to your door with a variety of options available. Our “cook’s day off” theme will continue throughout the year as we create delicious, nutritious food for your family.

Another exciting addition will be our event nights held at the Character Driven Studios. The space is designed for small events that feature music, movies, livestreamed events, workshops and a variety of other offerings that, of course, always involve food. These events are open to members of the “Feast Club”, a concept that we recently introduced and that is catching on fast.

The studio is used for recording and livestreaming broadcasts using in house professional equipment and production assistance or management. Our venue recently hosted a local band as they engineered their first CD and we hope that they’ll choose us again when they launch the album!

We’re looking forward to sharing information about upcoming gigs on the site and on our event site For those of you who don’t know, the Moveable Feast grew out of Character Driven Media and continues to offer craft services to artists and crew members involved in various events and productions.

Meanwhile, these are the Moveable Feast hours at the Hope Centre as we “move” from 2022 to 2023:

Now Open

As most of you know, we are now located in the village at the Hope Centre, 790 North Road. You’ll see our flag and sandwich board at the entrance and we’re located at the top of the parking lot.

Check out the menu at the link above. You can order on line for a specific pick up time or on location.

Weekdays at the Hope Centre

We are so excited to announce that the Moveable Feast will at the Hope Centre, 790 North Road, during the week between 11 am to 3 pm. We’ve been wanting to be able to cater to the needs of working folks on Gabriola who have limited time for lunch or who want to catch a late breakfast so we think this will be a great location. Click on the “Menu” link above and order ahead for delivery via Pearl- you’ll see the flag at the entrance when we’re open.

Monday, October 17

“Board” of elections? Want a “Trustee” lunch?

Check out our menu and put in an order for Monday delivery.

Soup of the Day- Chicken Curry topped with a wedge of lime, coconut milk and peppers- cilantro optional,

Contractor Club Card

We’re excited to offer the hard working folks of Gabriola Island an opportunity to join the Contractor Club. Club members meet during lunch time and, depending on your schedule, you’ll be offered lunch and a coffee as part of your membership privileges. All we ask is that you provide your business information and an email address so that we can stay in touch and let you know about upcoming events. Use the “Menu” link to order your card on line.

We are still available for catering non-member events around the Island and offer personalized menu choices in keeping with the theme and budget of your gig. Whether you are celebrating a momentous occasion, getting together with your clan or enjoying a night of music and entertainment we can take care of your hungry guests and event goers. We also have other event supplies and services so use our contact form to get in touch.